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Thread: Fridge conversion.

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    Fridge conversion.

    Hi does anyone have any plans please on how to convert a fridge to hang deer without drilling it for a bar?



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    For roe and munties I used a lump of wood (3 x 2 from memory) cut to length to fit across the full width of the fridge using the inbuilt moulded shelf runners to hold it up with a couple of decent sized fencing staples hammered in to hold the meat hooks.

    For bigger deer hopefully someone on here can help.

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    Yes, just use the top shelf! If you are really worried that it's not strong enough simply lay a bar of some sort on it. All this talk of conversions, drilling holes in the side or top of the fridge, internal frames etc are the perfect answers to a non-existent problem!

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    I made a hanging frame that fits inside the fridge from 22mm copper tube & fittings.
    if I get chance I will post a photo later

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickenman View Post
    Hi does anyone have any plans please on how to convert a fridge to hang deer without drilling it for a bar?



    Depends on the inner construction of your fridge/chiller I suppose, but see how I converted mine which has a stainless liner ( 2 posts on the thread below)

    Fridge conversion for Roe

    The only holes I put in were for a few 4.8mm Pop rivets each side to support the Unistrut sliders for my adjustable hanging bars. Easily removed and re-sealed with the same sized rivets should you ever need to.

    Hope it might help give you a few ideas.


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    Cheers for you help guys...apologies for the late reply in thanking you all .


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