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    Scrofa Hunting

    Contemplating a driven hunt later this year and noticed that had appeared. I understand that this is Mark Boulton's website (the chap who offers wild boar shooting from seats down in Kent). Looks as if he is offering trips to Hungary.

    I've had a couple of dealings with Mark over the years and have always found him to be a very pleasant and straight guy to deal with. Anyway, I will continue looking but just thought I'd flag it up.

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    Ooops - sorry Admin. I just realised that this may have been better in 'Wild Boar' as opposed to Wild Boar Opportunities. Apologies.

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    I went on one of Mark's trips to Hungary but it was actually one of Tommo Svetic's trips and luckily I had booked through Artemis direct as Marks was more expensive.
    We all ended up in the same accommodation and I and a couple of others were just an addition to the group that Mark got together.

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