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Thread: Sika Stalking in Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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    Sika Stalking in Co. Wicklow, Ireland

    I have Sika Stag and Hind stalking available for the coming season, also Hybrid stag and Hinds.

    Stags : Oct - Dec
    Hinds : Nov - Feb

    The ground is open hill and forestry, stalking on foot predominately or high seat.

    If anyone is interested in the above pm me for email and i will send on additional information.


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    Pm sent


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    pm the details please. Was thinking of visiting Wicklow again.

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    Forgive my asking but what is entailed in bringing a rifle across?

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    You have to apply for a visitors firearms license, its 40 euro and is valid for a year. Also if you plan on hunting deer you have to apply for a deer hunting license from
    National Parks and Wildlife, the license is free and is valid for a year.


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    Thank you. Will look into my budget and see what I can wangle spending wise.

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