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Thread: 303 Expensive as too!

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    303 Expensive as too!

    on sale in Aussie.

    Calibre/Item: 303
    Make: Lithgow SAF
    Model: Experimental No. 1 Rifle
    Action: Bolt repeater
    Scope: Aperture
    Serial No: XP60
    Condition: Excellent
    Price: $16000
    Advertised: 2/09/2016
    Licence number: *********************
    Phone: *******************
    Comment: This is one of 100 made in 1944, unissued, unfired, the bolt is still sealed in grease in a plastic wrap. Comes with a bayonet, oil bottle and pull through.
    State: VIC

    Dont dither,take the shot!

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    What!!! Seriously?!?

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    Take a zero off and change the dollar sign to a pound sign and I could see it selling for that price in the U.K. Prices on old enfields have sky rocketed in the U.K. in the last 20 years especially with something a little special. There was a time when you could hardly give one away.

    In any case that one is misadvertised so got to be worth a bit of a reduction. The website is usedguns Australia yet it's advertised as unfired.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Interesting rifle, a bit out of my price range though. Reminds me a bit of the No1 MkV.

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    That is interesting , I seem to remember seeing one like it in Skennertons book . Any experimental , X numbered Enfield will go for a lot of money . I've seen a few Longbranch experimental rifles sell for several thousand dollars . A No4 T in decent shape will sell for well north of four thousand CDN dollars around here . I'd love one , but not for that kind of cake .


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    Maybe these days, that's what it's worth. Be interesting to know if it sells.

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    one sold for half of the above in 2008 I believe...16? No way for mine.
    Dont dither,take the shot!

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    There are deals out there . A friend of mine picked up , what turned out to be , a troop trials No 5 in a private sale . Neither of them knew what is was . He brought it out to my place to do some shooting so I got a look at it . It had a three digit serial number with the X prefix and had some minor , but obvious , differences from the issue Jungle .
    He paid $ 300 CDN for it . I talked him out of using it for truck gun so at least it'll be saved for the future .


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    I bought a NoI, MkVI Trials Rifle for $250 a decade and a half back. Deal of the century.~Muir

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    That was a great deal ! I haven't seen to many of those over the years , and they sold for a lot more than that . I did pick up a Swede sniper rifle for $300 bones years back , probably one of the most accurate military issue rifles I've ever owned . They sell for considerably more these days .


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