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Thread: Foot ball shirts

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    Foot ball shirts

    Cheap england footie shirts and flags.Available from every sports shop in england no need to rush i don't think there going to sell out anytime soon
    lots of love sean

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    Tee Hee

    And I'm English!!!!

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    NEWS-FLASH, ________________ EXTENSIVE FLOOD WARNING: in Northern England._________________

    "Caused with the JOCKS Pissing themselves allnight"
    Don't put your fingers, where you wouldn't put yer " Pecker"

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    Fair enough. We sent Gordon Brown back to you.
    KevinF -

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    My wife was in LIdl's this morning outside Edinburgh. Two old boys chatting in the queue. One says I got to rush. I am off to the airport. Are you off on a holiday. NAW, I am off to welcome the English team home, It apparently is the nearest airport where they are guarenteed a warm welcome,

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    apparently its the first time in history that a crowd had gatherd at the airport to tell a white man to **** off back to africa .

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    well your still not going to feel like we jocks do.

    coz you got to save all the messing about and just don't bother qualifing like we do.


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