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Thread: TB or not TB?

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    TB or not TB?

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    Shot this roe this evening. Looked healthy before it was shot. Initial inspection before and during the gralloch looked fine. Once the gralloch was removed, I was doing the usual inspections and discovered this. All other signs, lymph nodes etc, looked healthy.

    So so what does anyone think?

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    Certainly needs further investigation,hopefully you have reported it to your local Animal Health office......yes?


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    Interesting. You are right to report it. However I've not seen or heard of TB being like that in deer. Miliary TB ocurs in humans though. I can't tell however, if these lesions are on the surface or deep within the lung. If it was just surface, I'd wonder about lungworm, but it's quite severe. Getting a section done for histology would be great.

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    Doesn't look like TB to me but I'm far from an expert but definitely something worth getting checked. It would be good to hear the diagnosis when you get it back

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    Not TB.

    This is some form or parasitic infection according to the experts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by c18rch View Post
    Not TB.

    This is some form or parasitic infection according to the experts.
    Thanks for the update, good to get that clarified!

    And also good that even though it wasnt TB you still did the right thing in reporting it. Thats as much as any of us can do!
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