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Thread: Devon Fallow Buck...rut has started!

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    Devon Fallow Buck...rut has started!

    Hi All,

    I did hear a buck last week but he soon went quiet, today was a different story, they are going for it now, if you want to place a booking get in touch via pm please.
    Be quick, i am only available for the next 12 days!

    Can't say i have heard a red yet though.

    Outing Price

    75.00 per person (approx 2-3 hours) to cull one animal
    130.00 per person for 2 stalks booked within the same 24 hour period

    Fallow Buck (prickets) 65 (Single point antlers up to 15cm in length)

    Fallow Buck 175 + 3.00 for each cm above 15cm

    Anyone using Facebook i would welcome a 'like' on my fishing page, thanks.



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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    Can't say i have heard a red yet though.
    They were starting to really get going yesterday evening up here in the Exe Valley.

    Excellent offers there Richard, I hope some take advantage of your rut stalking for a special experience.

    And good hunting over in the Big Sky Country.

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    I have seen a nice stag with his hinds last week, but he was quiet as a little mouse.
    If i wasn't so damned knackered tonight i would go out and have a listen, Spreyton way.

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    Last minute cancellation for this Friday 14/10/16 am or pm

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    Hi Richard

    Tried texting you but no reply and your PM box full.

    Any weekends free Nov-Dec


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    I'm certain Richard is in Montana chasing bull elk at the minute, hang on in there I'm sure he'll get back to you as soon as he gets back.

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    or find us on facebook
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