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Thread: first woodcock

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    first woodcock

    my pointer gave me a spectacular point from great speed to a classic hold the g force lifted his hind legs ,i walked 100 yards or so to him placed my hand on his back ,and up the first woodcock ,i will have to remember to take the gun next time

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    Nice to know they are on the way, sounds like a great point.

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    I've been seeing/hearing them for a couple of weeks now when I've been out foxing at night.

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    Very early on the mainland if they are visitors, I would suggest they are home bred birds. Saw first very large flock of fieldfares today.
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    We flushed 1 beating Saturday. Great to see.

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    4 today they dont stay long with us very clear sky this evening and a bright waning moon so there will be more about in the morning

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    I shot my first one last year. I didn't even know what it was it got up so fast and someone shouted shoot it so I did. Felt a touch guilty as I licked it up. Beautiful little thing never seen one before. Tasted bloody good though.

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