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Thread: Light weight stalking shoe

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    Light weight stalking shoe

    I bought a pair of Merrill Jungle Mocs last year as something quick to throw on and run outside, or as campfire shoes, to wear in camp after a long day in heavy hiking or hunting boots. When I was active with the Boy Scouts, so of the other adult leaders had these or something similar to change into at night.

    Now, I have been using them as a warm weather hunting shoe. They have a gripping sole and good padding. With no lacing, they are very quiet, so I can feel the earth and really slip up on critters. Yesterday, I went out in the mountains and forgot to change into a pair of Vasque, so I ending up walking four miles on broken rocky trails, no problem. No my plan again, but I recommend a try for shoe in mild, dry weather where you need stealth.

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    They may be great but theyou look hideous. They make NHS orthopedic shoes look stylish��

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    They are truly butt ugly, but I am wearing them in the woods. You can pull them off and put on Asolo before appearing in public.

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    Merrell Moab with the Gore tex lining for me. Comfy and waterproof so that your feet stay dry in wet grass. Have had 4 pairs so far

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