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Thread: Help with finding a part of a rare wee rifle (my .20 tactical dedicated fox rifle.)

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    Help with finding a part of a rare wee rifle (my .20 tactical dedicated fox rifle.)

    Hi Guys

    I have tried to find the following part all over the place,

    i have a interarms mini mark x (10) its a 224 bolt face and i have had the extractor break on me, at this time i have no foxing tool (but i do have the .243) but i would like to try and get this up and running again.

    so if you have any links to sites that may be able to help then please drop me a pm or post a reply on here,

    or if you are a member of one of the site in the states maybe just maybe i could have some luck finding this bit of rocking horse poo.

    thank you

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    Hi Bob
    Have you tried Rick at www.
    he may be able to help or point you in the right direction

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    will try him mate

    thank you

    i have tried Norman clarke and peter sarony, but still no joy.


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    bob try helston gunsmiths if you have not already.


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    It would be worth speaking to Steve Kershaw - I don't have his number, but all contact details are on his website. He's a good rifle smith who turns jobs around very quickly, and at a reasonable price.

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    worth a try,we have quite a few gunsmiths up here i would be very surprised if they did not have anything,it looks very similar the bolt,like a sako action,here is one guy if no su
    PRS Ltd - Strathavon Lodge - Tomintoul - Ballindalloch - Banffshire - AB37 9AR
    Tel - 44 (0) 1807 580422 - Fax - 44 (0) 1807 580424
    ccess then drop a line i have two others, the owners name is callum ferguson,cheers.

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    I know an Engineer who will make you a new part if you have the whole of the broken piece. If you have had no luck in finding one please contact me. No doubt the part can be sent registered post.

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    I should have stated that the Engineer is a retired Tool Maker and a keen Shooter whos prices are very very reasonable. He has a small well equipt workshop in his attic. Hope this is of help if you can't find the part.

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    Have you tried Numrich gun parts coporation ?

    Have bought a few things of them in the past and service was very good. If they do have what you want get the part sent through a friend in the states if you can, as it cuts down on administration costs. There shouldn't be any legal problems with this.

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    thank you all for the help and advice,

    all the above are on my list for a phone call on monday,

    kind regards to you all.


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