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Thread: 243 T8 Moderator

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    243 T8 Moderator

    sold T8 243 moderator 1/2" UNF proofed in 243
    Good condition & oiled after every use. 90.00 ono
    Can post to your RFD, or can take it to the Midland
    Thanks for looking
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    got a mate in northallerton north yorkshire looking for one of these.

    how far away are you

    knowing my luck m i l e s


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    Hi Bobjs

    I'm in Chester, But i do go to Preston every now and then. J29 M6

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    Is it still for sale and what rifle has it come off

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    Yes it is still for sale, And it's on my sauer 202 outback.243
    I am going off line until Tuesday.

    Many thanks

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