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Thread: .20 tac prass

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    .20 tac prass


    i have 69 .20 tactical brass for sale.

    Dakota made.

    they have all seen 5 reloads each they will need full sizing as they had been neck sized the last time just to remove the primers.

    they may also need trimming,

    all used and sold as told.

    25 cash posted.

    thank you

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    Not wishing to cause any trouble, but weren't you on another forum a short time ago complaining of pressure problems with this brass?
    If this brass is not serviceable you should state so rather than typing 'sold as told' as some sort of glib disclaimer.
    These forums survive only when there's a level of trust between their members...
    Moderators- please remove this post if I'm out of order. I just don't want any potential purchaser to be misled.
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    no pressure problems.

    i was not bumping the shoulder enough on my test loads with the 32 grain vmax head.i had not set the fl die up properly hence there is only 69 for sale.

    they are only being sold as i dont have a case trimmer and lee do not do the hand held one in 20 tac.

    but thank you for asking


    link to the thread for those that want to read it.
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    ON hold, i was not aware of how much they have gone uo in price 55 per 100

    i am going to see if i can get a case trimmer. as lee don't do the 20tac in the hand trimmer looks like a expensive one.
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