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Thread: Sierra 100 grain .257" #1625 In 25-06 for deer?

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    Sierra 100 grain .257" #1625 In 25-06 for deer?

    Now I see back in 2009 that Monkey Spanker recommends the Nosler 100 grain B/T in the 25-06:-

    I use a 25.06 all the time - mainly cos It's my only deer rilfe!
    I only ever use 100 grain Nostlers with 50 grains of Vectan 7000, or reloader 19 powder. I have just tried using Nostler partitions which were Ok but didn't seem to drop deer on the spot like the Ballistic Tips do. They were not as accurate either. I have shot both sexes of all 6 deer in the uk with it now, including huge 'Lowland Red' stags. Seems to work fine for me!
    Hmmm not sure I can get Vec tan around here but will enquire. Reloader 19 yes but had to switch to magnum primers with it as was getting delayed ignition in the 25-06 with the particular load being tried.

    Now has anyone any experience of using these Sierra 100 grain bullets on Deer in the UK. At the moment I am using H4831 powder and it shows promise will be testing my theory about the extra mod weight on end of barrel later once a load a few more to try.

    But it seems I can get these bullets locally and the price is not too bad I did get a load developed with the Speer 120 grain flat based bullets but it appears that Speer have dropped these for their new super line up So am searching for a new bullet/load combination.

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    Hi i use N160 or RE22 with 100g in speer/nosler & hornaday bullets with great effect & cci primers. I also use H4831sc but get on better with N160 loads & RE22.

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    Sierra 100 gn are fine for deer although generally in the 25-06 I used Nosler B/tips and continue to do so presently in the 25WSSM.

    Loads I used in my 24" Remington were as follows - all with a magnum primer.
    R22 x 55gn, N160 x 54 gn, R19 x 54 gn and H4350 x 52gn

    The latter powder was the most accurate with the Sierra providing me with approx 3150 fps whilst the N160 was better with the Nosler. I did used the Sierra with N160 at 54gn and CCI250 primers and found it to be a 'safe' but slightly hot load providing approx 3230fps. It offered a few more yards but consistency dropped off rather and left totally flat primers.

    All above loads approx equalled Hornady or Remington factory loads in my rifle.

    For all above loads I sighted in at 1.75” high at 100yds. The bullet then crosses the line at around 30-35yds gaining about 2” at around 130yds and then drops to cross the line of sight again at 220yds. It was 2” low at around 250yds so providing quite a nice long range deer rifle.

    I have never used Vectan in a 25 cal but have and do so for the 308 to good effect. Vectan Tubal 3000 equates to R12 (no longer available) and personally I use it with Reloader data rather than Vectan data with excellent results.

    I have found all the Vectan powders I have used to be very good powders and I can heartily recommend anyone to try it esp. With the savings one can make.
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    Thank you. I already use TU5000 in my 7x57. I'll try to get some of the slower TU7000 and try it. I have to drop the loads down as this particular rifle shows pressures signs sooner rather than later. We think the bore is tight. The rifle has a 24" barrel.

    Hmmm it seems I am getting low on the TU5000 so I'll need to find a new stockist soon.

    I will look into the Nosler Balistic Tips, I did try the 85 grn ones but was not impressed by the grouping, will see what Colin has in stock on my next visit.

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