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Thread: Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44MC

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    Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44MC

    This scope is in perfect condition and only been used on my rimmy! it has a no. 20 reticle(z-plex)
    It is matte black with 1 inch tube and 1/4 moa.
    It weighs 15.8oz and comes with a lifetime warrenty!

    looking for 450 inc RMsd.

    pm me with your email addy for pics!

    cheers James

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    Morning James.

    just the scope i was looking for to sit on my light .20 tactical.

    i have a lad looking at my S&B 3/12x50 and if it sells i will have this, but knowing my luck this will go before i get mine sold.

    nice scope and at a good price.

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    Morning James

    I got the message. I may have a buyer for the S&B so will drop you a line with the news asap.

    thank you for letting me know about the scope,

    kind regards


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    Hi James

    sold the S&B so just need your address to send the funds please.

    thank you


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    can you let me know what the score is with this mate.

    i am now looking at other scopes as i have a rifle off the road just now



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    Hi Bob you have pm!
    cheers James

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    Quote Originally Posted by yetidude69 View Post
    Hi Bob you have pm!
    cheers James
    thank you James.

    Cash has been sent special secure delivery and will be with you tomorrow garenteed,



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    The tracking number sent to you Via a PM


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    Morning James

    All here safe and sound



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    Hi Bob, iv just received my "metal" too!
    thanks again!

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