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Thread: mauser users spares, heads up on these people.

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    mauser users spares, heads up on these people.

    i have used these people in the last few months, found them to be on the ball.

    i have a mini mauser MK10x action on my .20 tac and i was being ripped off in the uk for parts, EG: 163.00 FOR AND EXTRACTOR,

    I got it from these people for less than 30 shipped, good service great parts and honest prices,


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    I've been using Numrich Arms (Gun Parts, Inc,) for most of my adult life. Parts ordered on line are usually on the way before the computer keys have cooled off. When I picked up a 1903 Springfield 30-06 that was missing a bolt they let me order a half dozen bolts and return the ones that didn't headspace correctly. Nice folks.~Muir

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    Sorry to say our customs don't like them and often intercept the parcels. I had one go missing for over 6 months. It had very dangerous scope rings and a rear sight for a P-14.... non licencable. They sent a police officer and a customs officer in two cars one fro over 60 miles away and the other from 45 miles away to try and collect less than 2 in duty. oh no one was in they did this twice and got nothing. As after 6 weeks Numrich replaced the shipment as lost FOC. no duty on free stuff.

    They questioned mother about the parts so she told them striagth what they were they then asked for the money. so she told them I had already got them.. You can't have as we have them here. So she points out that as they took over SIX months the company had replaced the shipment as lost. what do we do with these then. mother was polite. So they put the package down and left tails between their legs...LOL with no money..

    I told Numrich and offered to return this 1st shipment they just said keep it with our compliments.

    customs are a PITA.. A friend sent me some custom .25 cal match bullets to try. Am still waiting for them to arrive some 11 months later . I'll bet they're laying in some customs shed here in the UK too .

    I will have to risk it soon as I want a couple of spares .

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    Well i had no issues at all, i had to call into the local post office to pay 3.90 tax, but even then i was so happy that the rip of britton company did not get a penny from me.

    glad to know there are a few mauser fans here too.


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    Well seeing as how most Parker-Hales are built upon a M98 type action . I have found that most replacement bits like the magazine springs and extractors are normally needed due to someone trying to improve them or with the older ones trying to fit a commercial low safety to replace the std Mauser flag safety.

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    fantastic link. Thanks. Another money sink for me...
    "A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

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    Friday afternoon I ordered a low safety for my Husqvarna Model 640, 8mm, as well as a new guard screw for on that is a bit buggered up on my son's rifle. Got a message this morning that they left via first class post this morning. Should have them Tuesday. That's service.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    Friday afternoon I ordered a low safety for my Husqvarna Model 640, 8mm,
    Ah yes, I remember the post that you showed us that rifle in - very nice. And it prompted me to go to the Huskvarna museum when I was in Sweden recently and it was fantastic. They had a huge haul of rifles, and plenty of mauser ones. I came to some conclusions after staring at the glass cabinets for a very very long time. The first was that I must have one, one day, at all costs. Also, that with 640s - with 06 cart's they used FN actions, with the rest (shorter) they used a commercial (no thumb cut) 96 action mostly, and some military 96 ones. I'd love to know more details on the commercial 96 one though, I bet it's a real beauty. I forget, is your 8mm a commercial or military 96?

    Edit, found the post. Yours is the commercial one. They definitely had ones with a thumb notch marked as 640 though. What other differences are there with your commercial action and the military 96 actions?
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    "A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

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