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Thread: Quick reference to see who has replied to my posts.

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    Quick reference to see who has replied to my posts.

    This may seem bone, just wanted to see as soon as i log in how can i see my posts and who has replied to them? Looking for to see what is active at any given time.


    For guided stalking opportunities here in Devon and Dorset including Red, Sika, Fallow and Roe deer + deer related training including skinning, butchery and trophy preparation. All abilities welcome.
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    The "What's New" (up the top in the orange menu) and the "Mark Forums Read" functions are probably the easiest way to keep up with what has changed. Use "What's New" to see what has changed, then when you are done click "Mark Forums Read" and it will set everything as read.

    Next time you visit "What's New" will only show what has changed since you marked everything as read.

    If you want to keep track of threads you have posted in then you can do this by subscribing to threads, either manually "Subscribe to Thread" (towards the top of a thread you are viewing under "Thread Tools") or automatically under Settings - General Settings there are some options under "Default Thread Subscription Mode:". If you choose "Control Panel Only" you will automatically subscribe to every thread you post or reply to. You can then keep track of them in your Settings page. The other options (Instantly, Daily, Weekly) does the same thing, only you will get an email notification (either instantly a subscribed thread is replied to, or a daily/weekly list of subscribed threads that have been replied to).


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