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Thread: Ready to shoot .243 sales add 2 ( breakdown prices)

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    Ready to shoot .243 sales add 2 ( breakdown prices)

    I have the following set up for sale.

    1, Steyr Pro hunter MKII 20" .243. 1/2" unf factory threaded,LESS THAN 250 ROUNDS FIRED SINCE NEW (1 OWNER THAT WOULD BE ME)
    Rifle only is now 675 cash shipped.

    2, tasco titan 3/12x52 30MM tubed WITH 4a ret.
    scope only 150 cash posted

    3. Ase Northstar Moderator 1/2" UNF (painted black by me, with heat resistant paint) boxed and in top condition ON TICKET 150 cash on collection or + RFD costs.

    4, weaver bases. free as fitted to the rifle,

    5, 150 once fired brass, all in this rifle 50 cash + 10 shipping.

    6, Redding 3 die set boxed and like new 80 cash +5 shipping.

    7, hard cary case is free with the rifle.

    The rifle has seen less than 250 rounds down range and is in very very good condition,the rifle shoots better than me and has never let me down, the moderator is removed after ever shoot barrel cleaned and its kept in a heated cabinet.

    the stock on the steyr has a small mark at the rear where i laid it up against a hot pipe but this does not effect the rifle or its performance,



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    ok lads how about this,

    rifle with weaver bases and hard case.
    redding 3 die set, Redding series A delux 3 die set.
    and all the brass.CLOSE TO 200 SAKO BRASS.

    you choose the mod,

    1, north star
    2, jet z compact

    both are pinted black and are of course 1/2" unf,both proofed for .243 or bigger,

    910 cash shipped to your rfd uk mainland only. YOU CAN NOT FIND JUST THE RIFLE AT THIS PRICE.
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