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Thread: New Swimbo knife & Kydex sheath

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    New Swimbo knife & Kydex sheath

    I have used aswell as lost a few Victrinox knives over the last several years.
    So seeming that i have alway fancied a Orange handled Swimbo i aquired one this week.
    A nice curved rigid boning knife with a 5" blade.
    Knocked up this Kydex sheath just right for the stalking sack but a bit **** for being carried anywhere else.

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    Nice one! What rivets did you use and where did you get them?

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    The rivets that came with the kydex were ***** so i took the scabbard down to a saddle maker by me.
    There the one`s that fit inside one another. One on each side then wack the feckers with a hammer to flatten them down.
    The guy only had stainless female rivits and Brass male fittings. He said did i mind with them being different colours?
    I mean how could i when they were free,lol.
    So try a saddle maker for kydex rivits Deerman

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    i got mine on eblay just find the only uk seller gasbag5 and look in the shop great service and nothing to do with me,atb wayne

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    cant find the eblag shop for gasbag5 !

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    Thanks! Any body know where you can get the screw ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Are they not the standard rivet that you hit with a hammer?

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    I`m not too clued up on rivits Deerman but standard rivits are normaly fixed with one of these in this link

    The one`s in my Kydex sheath were hammered together and are normaly used in eqestrian saddles.
    Anyhow i tried it out late this afternoon

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