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Thread: Parker hale safari 308 any one use one

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    Parker hale safari 308 any one use one

    Would be interested in how you mount the scope and clear the safety catch.
    Scope would need to be fairly high to miss the catch ??
    Any one a photo
    Thanks in advance
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    If you mean the safety is on the back of the bolt and you have to flick it over to fire rather like an old mauser safety catch. I'd go see a gunsmith and have the bolt shroud replaced with a new back end with a Winchester (see link below) model 70 type of safety catch. It's looks like a toggle weigh located on the right hand side of the back of the bolt. Not sure if they do one for the Parker Hale but I bet a good smith could fit one.

    Midwayuk - Dakota Mauser 98 Bolt Shroud with 3 Position Safety Steel in the White

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    The early Safaris and some models up into the early 1980's had the std Mauser Flag safety. However P-H did do a low swing safety to fit these. This is the P-H low swing safety fitted on an 1100M:-

    Now depending on how original you wish to keep the old Safari you have several options:-

    1) Fit the later P-H "Timney" type adjustable trigger with side safety and swop the bolt shroud for a later P-H type..( Norman Clark) should be able to help. Joe at Gunshop East Barnet had some of the P-H triggers at a reasonable cost, whether he still does?.

    2) Buy and fit a MK11 safety for a Mauser 98

    3) Buy the Wisner type shroud and safety, similar to the Winchester style:-

    which looks like this . Be aware this will not be a cheap option.

    4) fit high mounts:-

    Not the ideal solution I might add but it can be made to work.

    hope that helps.

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