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Thread: WTH - Strange new FAC condition

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    WTH - Strange new FAC condition

    Hi guys,

    I just moved house and received a new FAC yesterday, with a revised address on it (from Herts police).

    I noticed that a new condition has been added to the document, without any notice or explanation.

    I am now required to ensure that I have adequate insurance in place when using my firearms, in much the same way that I must be insured when driving a car.

    I am insured of course, through BDS and NRA, so this is not a show-stopper, but I have never heard of this before.

    Has anyone else come across it?


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    Is this another case of the POlice imposing conditions they have no right to?

    There is no legal requirement for insurance, obviously it is a very sensible thing to do, but nothing the police should get involved in?

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    Sounds like another wheeze to me

    Imagine: the Police begin adding compulsory insurance as a condition of firearms ownership, without drawing attention to the fact

    Thousands of shooters either don't notice at all or get insurance but later let it slip.

    Overnight, shooters find themselves in breach of their conditions and lose their tickets

    Call me suspicious, but ...

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    Send it back and tell them to take the ilegal condition off of your certificate
    Speek to BASC (who you probably have your insurance with) if they wont play ball lol.


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    Don't let the Bast'rds grind you down!

    From memory you have only 14 days to object to new conditions placed on a FAC on a change of address. If its the same Constabulary it would be odd for them to alter the conditions that they impose upon you. As others have said consult our "authorities" ie BDS, BASC, CA, And our own Swampy. For light weekend reading go to the BASC web site and download the Home Office Guidance to the Police. You could print it but it's about 247 pages from memory. Also get the relevant Firearms Acts, useful to be able to say to the Police :-

    a. Show me where in the relevent legislation where it requires me or you to do that,

    b. The Home office Guidance to the Police reccommends this course of action why are you departing from it.

    If you are in the BASC speak to the Firearms department at Marford Mill - generally very helpful they also have a free vetting service for FAC and SGC applications. You tell them what info you have put on your FAC application and if not ideal they will suggest alternative / appropriate wording. I have always found them straightforward, helpful and on our side so long as what we want to do is legal!

    Good Luck


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    Mine says I have to have insurance for shooting on approved ranges while a member of my club, but not for anything else. I suppose that is sensible as there will be other people around and I'm on another's property.

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    I have something similar on mine, it is just plod covering themselves in their own sweet way.

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    Mine says I have to have insurance for shooting on approved ranges while a member of my club, but not for anything else. I suppose that is sensible as there will be other people around and I'm on another's property.

    Oh dear, just roll over and take what ever crap the police decide to print on your FAC. They already impose illegal restrictions by asking for DSC1. You really get the firearms laws you deserve.

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    Just a guess. but it might have something to do with the change in which shooting ranges are certified: from what I understand, ranges no longer need to be certified safe by the MOD, so now the wording has changed to say that as a target shooter you can shoot on any range that has adequate insurance, the point being that a range can't be insured unless it's been inspected by an approved civilian body (or something like that)

    It might be that they're applying the insurance thing for all FACs...

    Searching back in the NRA news:
    Range Safety Certification
    Clubs will be aware that the arrangement whereby the Army inspected ranges and certified them as conforming to their standards was withdrawn some 18 months ago.

    Since then the NSRA and NRA have been in discussions with the Home Office as to what should replace this agreement.

    Earlier this year, the Home Office advised us that they would not be establishing a new mandatory certification process.

    Historically, ranges have been built to Joint Service Publication 403 standards for the calibre and type of firearm to be used on the range. The insurance companies had the satisfaction of knowing that the facility was built to a standard which, historically, was found to be safe. Concerns were raised that if these standards were not maintained then the insurance industry would perceive there to be an increased risk and premiums would escalate. In addition, the police expressed their concerns that any lowering of the standard may have an impact on public safety.

    It has been agreed that the NSRA and NRA will together produce range construction guidance, and any organization that requires to take advantage of the insurance schemes operated by those two Associations will be required to demonstrate their facility meets a minimum standard, either by the production of an Army Form AK1314 (historic), or confirmation in writing from a person appointed by either Association to confirm that the range is considered suitable for the safe use of that class of firearm.

    There is still some work to be undertaken before all the arrangements are in place, however, we hope to be able to move forward with effect from the beginning of May.

    Updated: 06-Mar-06 (Original posting: 06-Mar-06)

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    Mine is with West Mercia. Renewed a year ago and it just has the bog standard 4 conditions - nowt about insurance.

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