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Thread: How do you carry your rifle

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    How do you carry your rifle

    Do you carry your rifle muzzle up or down? I've found muzzle down much quicker get 'on target' when using sticks, but prefer muzzle 'up' when on the hill.

    what do you guys do?

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    Muzzle up all the time .
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    Always muzzle up incase I get anything in the muzzle.

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    hi i carry mine muzzel down sako 243 laminate feels better with the weight of the moderater

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    muzzle up down here
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    Straight up no mess in

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    Quote Originally Posted by K333ROE View Post
    Always muzzle up incase I get anything in the muzzle.
    Me too.

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    Muzzle up unless under low branches etc.

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    If loaded muzzle down and forwards if slung, or in crook of arm. I want to be able to see where that muzzle is pointing all the time.

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    Muzzle up

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