I am taking 3 SD guests per day on the 3rd & 4th August on an 1100 acre Private Estate in the New Forest-hants/wilts border, there are stacks of fallow deer to cull this year!

The outings will be mainly accompanied or with guests being put out into large forestry tower seats located at woodland corssing points, the beats will rotate am & Pm.

The bookings are for a 3-4 hour am & 3-4 hour Pm outing & the cost is 180 per person which will include any cull animals of an unlimited number (fallow & munties only), this will not include large mautre bucks that will still be in velvet or roebucks! all culled animals will remain the property of the estate.

The booking terms are for a 25% deposit up front (due to previous no shows in the past).

You will need to hold your own Insurance, Fac & have a minimum .243 rifle, should anyone wish to do both days & stay over than I can arrange a good cheep B&B close to the estate at a local hotel.

Please PM me if interested.

KInd Regards Lee