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Thread: Nelly first outing summer roebuck.

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    Nelly first outing summer roebuck.

    Nelly first time out on the real thing, a perfect evening in the cotswolds for summer roebuck stalking in beautiful surroundings, after shooting buck which dropped on the spot with no run. set up a trail using buck. fetched her from our vehicle she was soon on the trail , with a successful find. i am very pleased with her progress

    i was out with Professinal deer manager Owen Beardsmore( my brother) from

    video to follow.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well done that girl i have had Ria on a few live deer they seem to love the fresh sent,s Not sure about leaving my dogs in a car this weather 23 deg,s up here and it heats up early. Can you walk her off lead while stalking or is she to be used on a line all the time,
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    Hi , i see Ria not doing to bad either,i wouldn't dream of leaving her in car in those temperatures but it was early evening and cooling down and was a very well ventilated truck. she had some lovely bonding time with her mum while we were out lol
    i have always used her on the tracking kit , i am sure as she gets older will be fine without. she is very good off the lead as well when not out working.but this was her first outing the real thing new surroundings new vehicle, plus a client of owens with us so all new for her but all went great. belgium guy said what lovely dog she was,and i am sure her sister Ria is a pleasure to work and own as well.

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