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Thread: Varget, how much ?

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    Varget, how much ?

    Morning all,

    Popped into sportsman yesterday to pick up fresh 1lb pot of Varget only to be told that it was a mind blowing 46! I'm sure my last one cost 36. Can any one comment on their prices locally, may have to go else where next time? Any one think that price is too much ?


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    paid 35 at borders gunroom a couple months ago. 46!!! what a joke...honestly, the price we pay for components in this country is a farce...50 noslers costing over 50, and equivalent US rate is about 17.

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    I bought a tub last week, it was priced at 45, but I got em down to 40 pretty easily. Im thinking about saving up and buying a big 8lb tub tbh.

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    I purchased some at the beginning of the year cost me 36 then I thought it was expensive but 46 as you are quoting now is beyond a joke.


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    The price of powder for me in the States has gone from around $20/lb to $25/lb over the last couple of months. Some of the Alliant powders are $28/lb, up from $22/lb. The prices took a climb this last quarter....~Muir

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    WOW...thats expensive. I paid 36 a tub in October. Bought 2. If the 204 lieks ther loads ive just made for it Ill be going back for more before it goes up. I use it in my 22.250 and 6.5 x 55 so ideal if I get nice groups and a good speed with the 204 too.

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    paid 37 to Norman Clark at West mids game fair in September.Last month same price at Gwynedd Firearms in Bangor.Richard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richard griffith View Post
    paid 37 to Norman Clark at West mids game fair in September.
    I paid the same at Norman Clarks on Saturday

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    Not sure of Varget prices but recently enquired about Reloader 17 at Northalerton shooting supplies to be told that its now 45.17 per 1lb. thats about a 100 a kilo!!!!!!!, I have had a rethink, will stick with n140 for the time being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter79 View Post
    ..... it was a mind blowing 46!
    They're taking the piss. I bought 2 tubs last week for 38 each.

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