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Thread: Help? Best way to zero night vision scope ?

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    Help? Best way to zero night vision scope ?

    As the title really, got new scope all fitted on my rifle. I was wondering is it just a case of target and the same procedure as in the day, but obviously in the dark ?
    Any help or tips on best methods for use would be much appreciated.
    Its on my 22-250 if that helps.



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    hi Nick

    if you can keep the end cap on the scope (the one with the pinhole in it) this enables you to use the scope in daylight with care or you will fubar the tube,

    i bore sighted my scope in daylight at about 30 yards in the garden,

    then when you go out to zero it its the same as a normal scope, PLEASE BE CARFULL WITH THE END CAP i stuck some tape on mine to make sure it did not come off,

    point to note my scope ret adjusters worked the other way from my day scope.

    EG: clockwise on my day scope was up, on the NV unit it was down. etc.

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    I have a add type so don't have this problem, although my mate has a dedicated unit and we had great difficulty zeroing his in. It depends on what unit you have but on alot of nv scopes the turrets adjust the other way to what you would presume to alter them, after you have got your head around that it's the same as zeroing any other scope but only in the dark. We also tried to zero during the day with the cap on but found the zero had altered by about 8 inches at night with the cap off.
    we ended up just doing it in the dark with a 4 foot board and a target with a hole cut out about the size of a 2 pence in the middle, behind the target we put a piece of tin foil so from the front we had a foil bull in the middle, this reflects off the ir and gives you a clear bull to go for.

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    Hi Nick

    Presumably it's a dedicated NV scope, (If it was an add on it wouldn't need zeroing, as its the scope that is zeroed)

    Depending on Generation, tube grade and additional illumination.

    Two methods that I have used are putting a candle inside a cardboard box and then making a very small hole as the target point, shoot at the pin hole of light, you will be able to see the subsquent holes appear in the box, adjust scope untill zeroed.

    Other method I use is to cover the target board with silver duct tape as this is slightly reflective, and then put a cross on the board with 3/4" black electricial tape, then zero as normal.

    Let us know what NV scope you have and we may be able to assist further.


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    are you hoping to get all the lamp shy foxes you missed when lamping with you new nv

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    Bit of an update, thanks for replies guys.
    Yea its a dedicated ATN Mars 6 Gen 3, tried it tonight, not so clever in slight drizzle, we had got a m2 piece of card board with a 2 inch piece of silver duck tape on.
    Got some where near but it needs a bit of fine tuning on a decent night.
    I will try the box with a candle in I think.
    Swarovski how did you know ?
    It turns out two neighbours have started lamping them, may be not so well.
    I must admit a couple down to me.
    We have caught up with most but got two driving me mad. So hopefully it wont be long.

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    good luck with the candle in a box Nick.

    we used a lamp shining up from below a sheet of a4 paper you then have a large white Square to shoot at,

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    i dont know anybody who hasnt missed one or two,the thing that gets me is if you put up a target for zero check or a plink you never make a bad shot,back in the summer my mate and i decided to have a go at 400yds,i know my drops,my m8 wanted to know his,i gave him rough idea to get him on the target,my mate shot 2 inch 3 shot group with 75gr v max and i managed 1.5 inch group with 85gr nos bal tips

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    I think the torch sounds the best bet, I was wondering about the candle going out with every shot.
    Think I might borrow a torch just in case it gets 'damaged'.
    It often makes me wonder, is it just sods law when you pull a shot on a fox that has taken ages to get near ?

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