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Thread: An Aussie backyard

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    Bloody hell and I complain when the midges and clegs bite me! he is a very lucky wee man.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Poor lad hope they turned it into a belt for him

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    A belt...For his 21st birthday no doubt

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    Poor kiddy what a horror for him and the family , I took the kids to a snake show couple of months back during which I was chosen from the audience (one of the only men there) anyway a 6' python wrapped around my arm and my god was it strong within 30-40 seconds my arm was tingling through blood loss , the snake guy said a 6-7' python if wrapped around a grown man would not be able to get it off.

    Some yrs back I spent some time in Cape Trib Aus and whilst swimming in a billabong miles from anyone or anywhere a big old python swam past me it must of been 8' long my god it put the willy's up me (I wont go into croc's)

    Also when I was a nipper we lived in South Africa for a few yrs, one of the jobs my brother & I had was to feed the mongooses (canned dog food) that lived around our garden as they kept the snakes down , our two dogs a Rhodesian ridgeback & Jack Russell terrier would be frantic sometimes trying to catch them it used to be hilarious to watch as they were fast agile little things .

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    my mate showed me a picture of a snake over there that died on an electric fence , i think it was a carpet python , anyway it was a whopper and had a fair mouth full of teeth

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    Sounds like Queensland may be nearly as dangerous as Hackney !

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