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Thread: .22 Anshutz clip jamming

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    .22 Anshutz clip jamming

    A mate of mine recently bought a s/h .22 Anshutz , cracking rifle but theres a problem , the fourth bullet to chamber always jams we have tried different ammo but with the same fault .With the cost of a new clip being so expensive and might not solve the problem .Have any of you had the same fault and what rectified it ?

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    I had this problem but not with the 4th bullet but intermittently, stripped down the mag and found a lot of wax from the bullets that was attracting dirt/grit and so cleaned it out and never had the problem again, hope this helps,


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    i had the same problem, try taking the mag apart and stretching or compressing the spring.worked for me,

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    buy a CZ


    someone had to say it

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