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    Angry Techno phobia

    Ok so how the he'll do you download a photo from an iPhone to this site ???? Answers on a post card please !!!! Dave totally clueless sykes

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    Here's a couple of ways you can do it,

    1) you can send an email with the photo attached then download it at your home pc and save it to the desktop and upload the pic to the post

    2) you can upload the pic to a pic hosting site like Photobucket get an image code and just paste this code direct into your post on the forum, this is what I do as it also acts as a backup for all your photo's should your PC/phone go tits up.

    Hope it helps!

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    Or use the Photostream folder if your running IOS5
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    i use the photobucket app and then stick an image link on here..

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    First you will need to register with Photobucket or someone similar, Image hosting, free photo sharing video sharing at Photobucket

    There isn't a charge for the basic account which is all that you require. Make sure you alter your Photobucket account settings to "Private" otherwise all your stored images and videos can be accessed rather than just the image you are posting.

    So you've now got your account and you've logged in this is the page you will see:

    Click the "Upload" and your "My Pictures" folder will pop up. You can navigate to another location if your picures are stored in some other file though.
    Assuming you have found the picture you want to load click "Save", you should now see this screen:

    Click save and return to my album and you should then see this:

    If you need to edit your picture usually it needs resizing click "edit" at the top of the image and you will get the edit page:

    It is worth noting that if you post a very big picture it forces the page width and makes viewing difficult for some members.

    So you have finished editing and you now wish to post your picture ? Click the "IMG" link line which will be automatically copied, this should be pasted into your post on Stalking Directory or whatever website you are viewing.

    A couple more points, you need to leave the image loaded on Photobucket otherwise it will disappear from your posting, since this costs you nothing don't bother to delete it.
    Second, if you sell anything on Ebay you can use the HTML code in place of the Ebay hosting.
    Lastly you can also load short video sequences, be sure to click "Video" though before you browse your files. Paste the IMG code into your SD post in the usual way and you will also find you have a video starting picture as well.

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