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Thread: Personal locator beacons now uk land use approved

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    Personal locator beacons now uk land use approved

    Mentioned these in previous posts. Maybe not for everyone, but a great safety net for some.

    According to BBC link - BBC News - Personal locator beacons cleared for use on land

    Now approved for land use.
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    Well that's a good thing. Anything that will help get the rescue services to those in trouble faster is a good thing. I wonder about time wasted with accidental activations though. It would all depend on how the response systems are set up.

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    Not before time. Might save Search and Rescue Teams a lot of time and effort and maintain their safety if anyone going out on the hills carries one! Should it be made mandatory for hill climbers/walkers? IMHO yes, being brought up in Isle of Skye seen too many incidents where others have had to put their lives at risk to rescue others, some without proper equipment or clothing.

    As article states also benefits for lone workers in remote locations.

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    As a follow on to this thread, I thought this might be useful for those of you with an iPhone/android phone. There is an app. called bSafe which when activated makes a emergency call to a specified "guardian" and also sends a text with a GPS link to your position to several other designated people.

    Here's a link to their web page

    Oh, and it's FREE

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    I like that alot thanks well done that man great app

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    I suppose the upside of UK dragging feet is that the technology has been tested at everyone else's 'expense'.

    The satellite monitoring system is global so receipt of the distress code is internationally administered. The PLB system means that the registered owner code is transmitted along with location - so very swift system to check if false alarm or malicious - not just a distress code from some unit - its registered to a user.

    Guidelines also stipulate two distinct actions required to activate - so even the most Kack handed ( that's me in the corner ) should have to put effort into accidentally tripping it off.

    US tests I've seen indicate that deep gully's and heavy canopy will cut down on signal - but effectively this only puts in a time delay subject to satellite sweep and verification protocol.

    I think the points already picked up are the most valid arguments for - will likely save a great deal of time, trouble, money and not least life on the part of rescue teams.

    Let's see what the retailers do price wise now
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    In view of recent Arran thread and post by Deako, thought would update this.

    For avoidance of doubt, no one knows the exact circumstances regards the tragic event on Arran and I'm not looking to open any such debate here. Merely posting update on PLB position.

    We put a lot of effort into researching this subject and the campaign for land use. We dealt initially with McMurdo, but in fairness the stalker market was minute and very slow. We no longer carry stock - it just wasn't viable, but recommend certain products - which are becoming cheaper and cheaper through various online outlets.

    The two front runners are ACR and McMurdo. McM is Uk based and has a much wider service network. Their units lack some of the glamour of ACR and the activation system is marginally more complex. But for stalking use McM is still our recommended system.

    They have responded to interest with a new land use orientated model - details at

    All PLBs require a minimum of two distinct steps to activate - that's written into the Copsas Sarsat protocol. None will do you a jot of good if you or someone with you is not physically able to activate them.

    That aside, the system works, the gear works and the actual network you are buying into reads like a script from Thunderbirds. Ultimately it comes down the line to the people that come out to find & help you. So whilst PLBs represent a potential huge saving in wasted effort and money for SaR teams, the grim reality is the SaR effort in the Uk needs support. Support in terms of hand in pocket and in terms of making politicians aware of just how vital these services are. Just keep this aspect in mind when looking at the shiny gadget side of the equation.

    We are not selling PLBs and are not on any commission, kick back etc. But if anyone is looking for advice or has a query on this, we are happy to help - just PM or e mail.
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    the app for phones is no good if you have no signal, bought a fast find PLB as it worried me as I got older works on satellite GPS you do need to register them with the coast guard they are all most imposible to activate by accident gives your position to 60 meters any where in the world cost 195 there is no subscription charge hope I never have to use it

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    we used something similar in nz out there you hired them from garages along with sat phones , i think they are a good idea along with long range radios if going out with others atb wayne
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