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Thread: Suppressor questions from an Aussie.

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    Suppressor questions from an Aussie.

    G`day members,

    Today a mate and were discussing "silencers" as we call them.Totally illegal in Australia unless one is a saint with a guernsey to shoot vermin in a park etc.
    Anyway the subject came up on how do you silence a 300 Win mag or 308 etc
    Is it by loading the cracker right down low or are the modern units capable of quietening a factory bullet..answers are appreciated as we are ignorant as all ***** in this matter.

    Oh yes can anyone link me to an exploded diagram of the internals of a decent unit?

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    Here Suppressors, moderators, silencers are used for hearing protection, no thought is given to silence the supersonic bullet signature. To be truly silenced you need a Muzzle velocity below the speed of sound ~1050fps. to eliminate the supersonic 'crack'.

    Take a look at a Mod I built for a 444 marlin turn bolt...

    In the begining there was...

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    Any silencer/moderator/suppressor wil only reduce the sound of the muzzle blast from the rifle. They do nothing for the bullet in flight, if you want that quiet you have to load sub sonic rounds. They have a hell of an effect on supersonic rounds having said that. You could talk to Oz Plod and see how they react to the hearing protection argument.

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    So how good are they in reducing muzzle blast sounds?
    I was told that you can see the bullet strike of a 300WM with as much lift as a 22.
    If they don't silence the rifle why bother with them..I did plead ignorance.

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    They mute the rifle to the extent whereby (especially on large plains or valleys) the location of the shot is diffused and difficult to place. Quarry are less disturbed and find it difficult to locate you. Muzzle flip is reduced considerably. As an example, the smaller the calibre the better the "suppression". I was looking at getting a .223 Steyr Aug check out the noise and muzzle flip reduction here:

    .243 Weatherby Vanguard Synth /.223 BRNO CZ527 Synthetic
    .22LR CZ 455 Synth / 12G Stoeger 2000 / 12G U/O Bettinsoli
    12G Zoli SBS / .410 unknown Italian

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    There's a good description and sectional diagram of a reflex mod here at Jackson Rifles site:

    Reflex Suppressors UK technical information


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    For non reduced loads its sounds something like this

    what they look like inside

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    Johngryphon,the two most popular subsonic/suppressor rounds in Aus at the moment are the .30 philski & .375 philski these are compressed loads to prevent problems,yet are sub sonic.I believe Bertram is making the the brass.
    How good are they? You can hear the fireing pin & action if a semi & then the bullet strike.
    You just need a genuine reason to own one.(yes I'm talking a semi too)

    I dont know how you'd make a 300wm shoot sub sonic safely.

    Cheers Sharkey

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    I can only assume that making a large calibre centre fire subsonic requires a fast enough powder charge to get the case expansion for sealing purposes but not enough to cause pressure signs or generate the volume of gas to get the normal supersonic velocities.

    personally I like nothing more than the boom of a 270 as it echoes round the glens!! I dont find the deer are that sharp on location of the shot either way. they just run!

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    Victoria Australia Sambar country.
    Very good fellas I will trawl through the included info.

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