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Thread: New Kahles K624i Scope

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    New Kahles K624i Scope

    Anyone know what price these scopes are coming in at? Cannot find them for sale online at all...

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    You could try to contact this guy looks like he has one

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    MS, think you are correct. Couple of hundred quid more then for the IR? Seems a good buy compared to similar Swarovski and Zeiss models...

    Thanks for the links, I have dropped him a PM.

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    Think this is a different scope the link MS posted is a scope in the second focal plane, the one you posted a link to is in the first focal plane.
    Could be a good increase in price for that, also parallax is set under the top turret plus illuminated can't see this being the same price as the one on uttings.

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    Posted price already on another thread....
    Kahles got back to me a few days ago. 2600 Euro is the retail price for the K 624i that's the 34mm tube tactical
    which has 2.5m travel at 100m on the elevation turret. It is a serious scope.

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    So around 2100, about what the rest of the tactical first focal plane scopes are.

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