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Thread: Vehicle Insurance

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    Vehicle Insurance

    Anybody involve in the vehicle insurance business? One of my vehicles is due to have insurance renewed and I was emailed a renewal notice from the company I am presently with. Not the cheapest but all the boxes are ticked including basic breakdown cover. I have no problem with the annual premium but added on is 25 admin for renewal. OK admin does cost money and perhaps the other companies just add it in as part of the annual premium but it does seem a bit cheeky to have the customer pay to give them continued business.
    Is this the norm. Can't recall having seen this on any other renewal I have been involved with. Checking on Go Compare the company do not include an admin cost for new business but the premium quoted is higher.

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    I got charged 25.00 by my lender for changing to a private plate and another 25 by my insurer for the same thing.
    They have got you all ways mate.

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    As I get older I have realised that I cannot please everyone. But I find I can easy piss every one off.

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    You could always try another insurer: mate of mine got a crack'n deal on his

    L200. (fully comp.)

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    just insured my disco mate, 350 fully comp, direct line, work social use 10k miles but valued at 1000
    excess 200.

    they where the cheapest i found


    ps forgot to say, broker always add fee, thats his wages from you before he gets his bonus from the insurance company
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    An administration fee for Renewal is very unusual if it's a standard private vehicle insurance policy ... where you are both registered keeper and registered owner on the V5C.

    Is the vehicle on contract-hire or on a finance-lease deal? That would explain the fee which is usually charged by a third party, and passed on to the insurance company or underwriter.
    Only asking if there's something different in your case?
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    My cheapest by about 200 on my l200 was through Adrian flux

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    [QUOTE I have no problem with the annual premium but added on is 25 admin for renewal.][/QUOTE]

    I think I'd get them to waive the fee or go elsewhere

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    they dont insure anything over 7 seats thats my defender out the window
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Buck View Post
    You could always try another insurer: mate of mine got a crack'n deal on his

    L200. (fully comp.)

    Rgds, Buck.

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    Having insured my bike through the same broker for 3yrs I looked around for a better deal (as you do) The broker contacted me to check if I was renewing with them. I said I was undecided, still looking--all of a sudden the brokerage fee(19 I think) was knocked off the renewal, so they can usually do a bit better if they think they'll lose the business.
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