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Thread: I would like to post an apology to gaza916 and the forum members,

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    I would like to post an apology to gaza916 and the forum members,

    I would like the forum members and Gary to accept my apology for the following.

    I had sent Gary a reply to a offer for a scope swap and some cash for my S&B 8x56, in that i asked Gary if his scope and ? of cash for my scope was ok ?, i sent this to Gary asking if this was ok and was waiting for a reply,

    As mentioned on the post i waited for this to be accepted by Gary but up until 18.00 last night had heard nothing from him, so as i had a lot of people after the scope i had a choice to make,

    The choice i made was to sell it to the first person who posted they wanted it after the deadline was reached, i was totally unaware that Gary had restrictions on accessing the forum and he has now missed out on the scope deal.

    Needless to say he is a bit pi55ed off,

    But i have bills to pay and a wife and family that need looking after so i had to choose the option that was open to me, i had to sell one of the two scopes i have for sale ( the leupold and the S&B) to give the funds to my wife, its a a 50/50 deal so that i can still sell/ swap one of them to get a new scope and still pay some bills.

    So to Gary and the forum members i say i am sorry, (there is no skullduggery behind the above action) but i don't have much of a choice at this time with my current situation. my wife has been fantastic at this time, not only allowing me to continue shooting but allowing me to hold onto a fine collection of rifles that if sold would pay the bills for a few months and thus relieving some pressure,

    Kind regards to all.

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    I'd have done the same under the circumstances.... Is there a standard time to allow for a reply? I don't know but forum sales are usually first to come up with cash.
    I'm sure Gary will find another scope
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    Hey Bob, you did whats right and thats all so dont beat yourself up about it. There will be other opportunities to purchase another scope on the site I am sure. Looking after your family and paying the bills is something many are struggling to achieve in this present climate, and that is every mans first priority.

    As for your selling off some of your equipment and the recent posters who are trying to advertise, again dont worry go ahead with what you have. I am aware that you have at least had the decency to contact Admin first to ask and check things out.

    I hope things improve for you in the near future.

    Best wishes


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    I had to do the same thing Bob last year sell all my gear because of family reasons, totally gutted i was but family comes first and our equiment is only a added bonus as i look at it.
    A mans patience only can last so long more so with out any communication and family commitments along the line.
    Im still enjoying the sport minus the gear.
    Hope all is well for yourself and the family this year.


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    Thank you All so much,

    It is hard and i am sure (like weeman) i am not the only one in this position, i posted this just to make sure that both Gary and the members are kept in full knowledge of why it was done in such a way.

    "please don't get Gary wrong, he has simply said he was a a bit upset this is how it turned out, and i am sure there are no hard feeling at this time from Gary."

    I have to admit the site staff have All been fantastic under these circumstances and i can but thank them all. i do not like to let anyone down and did not want to upset anyone or the members.

    I have 15 minute presentation to do next Monday trying to beat the other guy (down to the last two )to a nice job with SSE, so with a bit of luck and hard work i hope to beat him to it. ( you may see a big smile on my now slim face, thats not just there to be polite.)

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    Best of luck Bob with the interview, will keep my fingers crossed for you.

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    The man who has never fu**ed up hasn`t been born yet.
    You did what you had to do so you don`t owe anybody any apologies.
    Time to move on.
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    Tell you what Bob drop me a PM and I will book you in for a stalk with me during the Buck season, or if you prefer later in the year on doe's and prickets. Its on me mate, so you have something to look forward too.



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    Top man sikamalc!

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    Bob, I think with your outlook & decided tinge of decency, you should land your job~!
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