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Thread: Swaro 6X42 & Bushnell Legend for sale

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    Swaro 6X42 & Bushnell Legend for sale

    Swarovski 6 X 42 Habict think its a 4A ret,nice condition,no marks,immaculate glass,has bikini covers,blued steel by the look of it.....350.00 posted RMSD,i'm selling it because itwas on a .22lr that ive sold.

    Bushnell Legend,phillipines glass,very crisp,5-15X40 mildot,as new boxed,sat in my shooting box for the last 3 years........150 posted RMSD.

    Not clever enough to attach pictures yet,if you need them send me your email.

    Thanks for looking...

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    the bushnell is worth 50 to me for my rimmy, if you are interseted let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by 308boy View Post

    the bushnell is worth 50 to me for my rimmy, if you are interseted let me know
    i think you may like to read this sir,

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    just picked up one of these bushnell scopes to put on my air rifle. there very clear glass and easy worth the money your asking. i wouldnt think twice about using one on a rimfire. for the money the optics are very hard to beat.

    i have had lots of different top make scopes. and really rate the legend for the money. good luck with the sale

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    Thanks Jay yes they are good,and about 200 new,but ive had a switch around and now have IR scopes on all my rifles,if it was IR i'd keep it,

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    hi, do you still have the bushnell for sale mate.

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    Yesmr exmarksman... Still for sale..

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    Bushnell now sold..

    Price reduction on the Swarovski 6 X 42 275 posted..or its off to the evilbay .!

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    I'll take the swaro thanks let me know payment details

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