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Thread: .220 swift,

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    .220 swift,

    Hi, im on the look out for a new or mint .220 swift, if anybody know of any about. in there local gun shops etc, give me a shout


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    A top calibre that people dont realise how good they are...204 is all the rage often these days,try putting a 60gr pill in one though.
    I love my swift.

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    Top choice Andrew, a fantastic cartridge. It took me 9 months to find my latest Swift. If you can find a good donor action don't discount a re barrel. However long it takes it will be well worth the wait.

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    top cal mate i love my ruger no 1, h380 for 50 -55 bullets and h414 for 60 grn bullets very flat shooting best of luck , ps 26ins barrel work best with the swift,Click image for larger version. 

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    +1 WITH JEFFREYL-you can then choose your own twist barrel and shooting something like the 75grain a max which has a particularly good BC for a 22 projectile.I've done 2 semi custom jobs along these lines and the results have been great.good luck with your search.a.t.b.Richard.

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    Hi Andrew, my mate was selling one through blue fox glade (Chumleigh). It's a custom Remington action, fairly new new barrel on it. Not sure if it's been sold but can vouch for it's accuracy.

    Good luck with the search.

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    thanks, will make a enquiry about it

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    Hi Andrew

    there are 3 x 220 swifts on the gun trader, ?? or is the ruger action not any good to you

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    Thanks bob, im looking at 2 tomorrow, a ruger and a remington

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