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Thread: driveing test could you pass

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    And I went to the toilet and made a drink half way through too!
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    Must have been a long toilet break.
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    It was... I had to sit on the trap and read my highway code

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    Surprised myself - 100% correct.
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    Spent good money so that my kids could take this test and then find its more a test of common sense and English language. What a waste of money. I cant see that it serves any purpose whatsoever.

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    As I get older I have realised that I cannot please everyone. But I find I can easy piss every one off.

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    scraped in with 43 out of 50 regards pete .

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    Yup 47 of 50 correct (mind you, I did do my motorcycle test about 5 years ago, so a bit of a cheat really )
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