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Thread: Oli223 and Ste Arrive in style

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    Oli223 and Ste Arrive in style

    Oli and Ste booked to stalk roe with me this week and had a couple of mates
    with them for their first outings on deer
    I took Will in the afternoon we got a doe and kid late on in the stalk , 2 excellent
    shots from 200m as we couldnt get any closer , both dropped on the spot
    Kevin took Duncan out and got him his first deer a young doe and Will got a 3rd
    the following morning
    Oli the transport was pretty cool mate but not sure about your homemade hat , think i
    would ditch it pal before your new nick-name sticks
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    Certainly beats a four hour drive... We all had a great time and are hopefully going to find time to come up for bucks in may. Just hope some of Wills skill/luck rubs off on me next time...
    Might leave the cap at home next time. Thanks for a great time!!!

    Regards oli

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    Hi Oli
    Might be Will,s first deer but it was pretty obvious he has used rifles a fair bit
    Kev said Duncans shot was pretty good aswell at around 180m
    Good to see you all again
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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