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Thread: I unreservedly apologize to the board members.

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    I unreservedly apologize to the board members.

    I apologize the the Moderators unreservedly.(with respect to my advert in the sale section La Chameua boots)

    I in no way want this to cause others getting into bother,

    I have spoken to JAYB in a pm and i will no longer place items up for sale on the forum, this may allow me to stay here and keep in contact with the lads who i know and have good contact with.THANK YOU.

    I would like to say some thing to all the members.

    and i hope this does not cause any more issues,

    I have never been a trader of any kind mearly a bloke who sees a deal that could help others out, and if i make 20 on each sale before postage as in the case with these boots, then i am truly sorry for bringing this to the forum.

    AOB: other names used by myself.
    1, jockstrap (no longer used)
    2, bobjs, used on here as when i tried to register Scotland rifles a few years back it was not allowed, so i used bobjs.
    3, scotland rifles. it seems this one makes people think im a trader its just a name i came up with from my Regimental cap badge (that of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards).

    Many thanks to JAYB, and the forum Admin,

    sorry to the proper traders and board members.

    Kind regards


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    ...before it gets locked, it's Le Chameau - jus' sayin'

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