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Thread: Due to closed threads!

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    Due to closed threads!

    Danish evaluation

    I just spent an hour reading old threads about bowhunting, I got to the end and couldn't comment!

    Nobody seems to have presented this study from the Danes. It's not 50 years old, so should hold more weight than the other studies cited and was carried out in Denmark where tracking with dogs is mandatory, so should be more applicable to this country.

    Sorry for picking at the scab, but I can't believe how many ignorant people use this site!
    I'm planning on attending a DSC1 course in the next month or so, (possibly at the barony) so I might take along my bow for the shooting test.

    Thanks, Craig.

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    Well done, you read all of that, digested it, and formed a balanced opinion in just three minutes??

    You must be some sort of genius.

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    You've read all the previous threads, you've seen how they turn out... Do we really need to go there again?

    This is a UK deer stalking site. Regardless of whether we consider it humane or not bow hunting is not legal in the UK, so it's a moot point and not worth the arguments it will cause in my opinion.
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    Sorry to have offended by starting my other thread, it'd have been nice to be allowed to explain myself though. I was merely attempting to provide previously unmentioned data to the debate.

    I'll keep my opinions to myself in future and only post about what a spiffing day I had in the hills of Scotland!

    Censorship is the start of dictatorship.

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    Thats not really an apology is it? Thats more, well I'm sorry but I'm not really because I'm more intelligent than everyone else ner ner ner.

    Why not go start the bow hunting directory and enjoy the content the membership there would bring.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Ive just merged your two threads into this one. We don't want to stifle healthy debate and indeed there was a bowhunting video posted recently that was left as it was clearly posted as a point of interest only and has been responded to in the same good spirit.

    I strongly suspect that your thread, confirmed by the way you have conducted yourself since, was started to inflame a debate that has already had more than enough air time on here, therefore it was closed.

    So, thank you for the link, I'm sure it makes for interesting reading for those with an interest in bow hunting. However I'd appreciate it if you left it at that.

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    Another one to be moved!

    Even the PETA websites don't work that hard! Jeez!

    Apologies! (sincere this time!)

    I don't mean to cause offence, I just had a point to make and couldn't.

    Please let me make these points, I am allowed to kill a rabbit with a stone or a stick. I can kill a rabbit with an air rifle that is LIMITED to 12ft/lb but not with my 79ft/lb bow. How is that just?

    Think of the economical benifits that bow hunting could bring, stalking ground would cope with far more bow hunters at one time than rifle hunters, generating millions if not billions to the economy. Not to mention revenues from bowhunting courses. Ground with deer problems that are inaccessible to the rifle shooter would be the habitat of the bow hunter. I could very safely kill a muntjac in a small garden in the suburbs with a bow.

    My arguments are not about deer welfare as in the other threads (welfare is a non issue if you read my link), but about impact on our country and our sport.

    I've said what I wanted to say, please move this post to my original thread also.

    Again sincerest apologies for sarcastic reaction to my thread being closed.


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