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Thread: Cycling problem on Steyr-Mannlicher Pro Mountain Hunter Mk II .308

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    Cycling problem on Steyr-Mannlicher Pro Mountain Hunter Mk II .308

    I have a problem with my rifle and wondered if anybody had any experience of similar. When I fire a round through the rifle, it becomes very difficult to work the bolt and release the spent case. It does not jam but requires an excessive amount of force to get the spent case to eject.
    Ive had this problem before putting Sako 150gr through. I put 60 through with no problem then with last twenty had the problem. Switched to winchester bullets and the problem dissapeared. Recently been putting Gecco 170gr through with no real problems, put forty through then last time out had the same problem.

    I will be taking it to the gunsmiths anyway just wondered if anybody might have experienced similar.

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    A couple of quick comments. Do you clean the chamber on a regular basis? I clean the chamber before I pass a final patch through the barrel. It may be that it needs cleaned. Secondly, if you do normally clean the chamber, be aware that there is a hidden floating collar that engages with the bolt lugs. It is very easy to knock this collar when cleaning. It will rotate and the bolt won't insert. Using a cotton bud or similar the collar can be repositioned by trial and error. Don't force the bolt.

    If cleaning isn't the answer, then track down someone with a set of go/no-go gauges.

    Good luck. JCS

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    I do give the chamber I wipe out when cleaning. I dont have any problm inserting the bolt, I dont have problems cycling rounds without firing. Only when I fire the rifle does the bolt start to get very difficult to work.

    My thought on it was that it may have had something to do with obturation of the brass and the chamber being slightly 'flared' where the bullet enters the barrel meaning that when I try to work the bolt, after firing, Im then working against the deformed brass????

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    Also what are go/no-go guages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by andibrains View Post
    Also what are go/no-go guages?

    Regards JCS

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