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Thread: target calibres for long action rem700

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    target calibres for long action rem700

    im thinking of changing my 270 to a calibre i can use for long distance taget work any idears wat calibre i should get ?

    Thanx james

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    Want to explain what rifle you have now ?

    It may be that the barrel could be changed to a calibre more suited to targets or do double duty...

    270 Win, you would be able to change to 284 Winchester (7mm), 6.5x284, 30-06 (yes, its suitable for targets), etc etc

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    May I ask what you class as long range?

    Meanwhile perhaps it would be good to decide on the bullet that you can get easily and that has the specifics your looking for, profile, BC etc then decide upon cartridge to propel it at teh required velocity to suit the task.

    Once you decide upon calibre and bullet the rest will be easier. Using a long (30-06) length action gives you plenty of choice methinks.

    7mm has a good selection of bullets suited to you requirements as does 6.5mm and .30 cal.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    I don't know that it will work out financially sensible to rebarrel, but if you go ahead you need to go with where the bullets are at. And that is 6.5, 7mm and .30 cal. In 6.5mm it would have to be 6.5x.284, 7mm - .284 Win, .30 cal probably a 30-06 improved of sorts. Personally, i would probably actually go with the .280 Rem improved.

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    The long action 700 is a good starting position. However you need to consider calibre and the projectiles (think BC) , case size but also brass source (think lapua), case size and overall rifle weight (recoil and fatigue), scope mounts and scope (elevation range, magnification, clarity, reticle style and your RF interrelationship, moa or MIL try to get the same in both, etc). For a hunting target combo the 6.5/284, 284 win are good choices both will get you to 1000 m for targets and steel using high BC pills. The long action will assist hand loading.

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    Of course you will have to consider as well how your going to load for this, type of dies, press and specs and fit of chamber. Do you want to go all out for a special tight neck chamber and all the extra work it entails like neck turning as in Bench Rest or got with a normal chamber and utilize formed cases.

    Personally I think you would be best served speaking to those who already are involved in this pursuit and perhaps those that already have experience building/adapting rifles for it. Out of interest this is the .280 AI (Ackley Improved) compared to the std .280 Remington.

    The top case is the first one fired in the newly reamed chamber. In the photo it has just been sized to hold the bullet and has no powder or primer. The proof house wanted three fired cases for proofing.

    The chamber this cartridge came from was cut with a std PTG (Pacific Tool & Gauge) finishing reamer so things like neck turning are not needed. The chambering was done so that normal factory .280 Rem can be fired to produce fire formed cases.

    Due to the prices I was quoted for re-chambering the NEW barrel already chambered in 7x64 it worked out cheaper to buy the reamer and gauges............................................ ......... something to bear in mind. One smith who obviously didn't want the business quoted me 800 just to chamber fit and proof the barrel............................. a barrel I had already sourced and paid for I might add.
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