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Thread: Deerhunter twin knife set

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    Deerhunter twin knife set

    A good quality set of two wooden handled hunting knives.One with gut hook, both contained in a single scabbard. Unbelivable price, last batch when these are gone there are no more.£16.00 delivered as now being sent first class delivery instead of second class
    pm me if your interestedAttachment 15333
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    Hi , are they made by deer hunter ? Or just for deer hunting ?

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    Acm they are made by Deerhunter. I ordered one on the weekend and it was delivered by hand on Tuesday, I didn't realise that mmbeatle was actually so close to me. You get a awful lot of knife for the money. In fact the smaller knife is the size I was expecting the larger one to be. First rate service as far as I am concerned.
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    Do the knives have a full tang? It looks as though they do but hard to tell for certain...

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    pm sent

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    Brilliant knives for the money. Got mine today. Full tang and razor sharp. Very fast mailing.

    Thanks Mr Beatle.


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    got mine yesterday...Thanks mmbeatle, canny fault them..

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    Which knife has the gut hook?small or large?atb.paul

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    Got mine this morn, many thanks

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