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Thread: .308 bullets for large red

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    .308 bullets for large red

    Hi there , I use 125 grain soft nose winchesters for roe , but I'm going to be shooting reds later this year . Any suggestions on bullet ? I have som 150 grain Winchester soft noses ?

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    I am in the same question as you are, but more as an allround bullet. A bullet that can cleanly kill a red hind or stag and doesn't blow fist size holes in the shoulder of a roe or muntjac. I was looking in the direction of 150 grain Nosler Partition , 150 gr Barnes TSX, 150 gr Trophy Copper , 150 grain Mega , 150 grain RWS ID , 150 grain Super Hammerhead , .... Hopefully some 308 users will have experience with one of the above.

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    The 150gr Lapua Mega factory cartridge seems to work well out of many 308's.
    I shot a few sika with that bullet. Hit bone and the damage increases like with any, otherwise very
    tough good bullet.
    Fed fusion would be another really good bullet, I presume similar to 150 Super Hammerhead.
    The fusion bullets I retrieved had between 84% and 94% weight retention.
    I prefer 165grain in my 308 but there isn't a huge difference.

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    Any good 150 or 165 gn soft point works great at 308 velocities. In factory rem corlokt is hard to beat. The equivalent norma SP would also be good.

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    Stick with the 125 gr that you normally use more than up to the Job

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    Hornady interlock 150gr BTSP gets my vote does the business very well indeed push mine along with RL15 excellent bullet for large reds

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