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Thread: Wild boar shot placement

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    Wild boar shot placement

    I thought this might be of intrest to some of you on bullet placement on pigs.

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    what book is it from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reiver View Post
    I thought this might be of intrest to some of you on bullet placement on pigs.

    hi bob ur book looks intresting bring it with u in november paid frankie my deposit today

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    Hi Shaun
    I will bring it with me for you to look at(shooting porn)
    The book the page is taken from is
    by Georges Cortay,Pascal Duratel,Eric Joly,Ffancois Pasquet And Claude Rossinol.
    As you can tell the authors are French The original title is "Mini-guide de la Chasse". I do not know if it is still in print as i have had this book for around 12 years.


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    I have a one page guide from Vereine Hirschmann in Germany which I have translated for my own use but I do not know how to upload them, if an IT expert = someone under 15 years old, emails me I will pass it on as a pdf (that I can do) then they can upload it for me.

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    The publishers of the book are called Konemann verlagsgesellschaft mbh,Bonner strasse 126,D-50968 Colonge.
    ISBN 3-8290-4351-1.
    The book covers all kinds of hunting from rabbits -polar bear ,Grouse and most types of deer found in the northen hemisphere and a lot more .
    Oh and of course wild boar.


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    cheers mate look forward 2 seeing u in nov

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    Amazon search "the pocket hunting guide" 2.81 with postage.

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