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Thread: Rifle stocks made in Ireland

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    Rifle stocks made in Ireland

    g`day members,i remember reading of a post (s) of some really good looking rifle stocks made in Ireland,can anyone help out with a name or link please.
    I am also rather taken with GRS stocks but i`m tossing which to purchase.

    Dont dither,take the shot!

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    Hi Johngryphon,

    Please find attached two custom gun makers in Ireland.

    I hope this is off some help.


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    Stevienicks threads are what you need to search. It was somebody called Edna they were laminate. Check out Staffordshire synthetic stocks in the midlands they got some nice ones on there site.
    Staffs Synthetic Stocks - Custom Work On Your Guns and Firearms
    thats the link.

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    Hey John I've got a PSE composites from Ireland. Great stock. Happy to arrange for you to have a look at it.

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    Thanks for replies fellas..Edna is the name i was thinking of.I will look at all the other names as well with interest.

    Scott where are you located and how did you come about getting the PSE in AUS.
    Dont dither,take the shot!

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    Ring Fergal white in athlone he deals with ends. His skill is unbelievable. I've seen one of his stocks and it was absolutely stunning to say the least.

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    Be at Eildon tommorrow mate. That assist?

    I saw the PSE stocks on a couple of places on the web when looking for a light stock for a short action Howa. Communicated with Edi and found him really good to deal with. Ordered the stock and had it sent out. It's a ripper.

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