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Thread: Shoot/stalking Jackets

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    Shoot/stalking Jackets

    Just to take the jacket debate in a slightly different direction.....Any recommendations for a jacket suitable for stalking (i.e. quiet, waterproof) and for shotgun shooting?

    This would be for a couple of driven days and a couple of walked up rough shoots. Possibly some wildfowling down here on the south coast. Deer stalking in woods mainly, or hides. I don't see a Highlands stalk happening any time soon.

    The dog walking bit? He is in a box on the mantlepiece so doesnt get taken out for walks any more, although the misses is muttering about a Daschund (thinks....Tekel deer dog) so a pouch or game pocket to put him in whilst I head for the pub might be nice!

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    Rivers West have produced a "game shooting" range which would double nicely as stalking gear. I am very impressed with my Rivers West gear and can think of nothing that would give you better value.


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    Ridgeline Torrant jacket has proved great and comes in camo or plain green. For the money its one of the best bits of kit i have ever bought.

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    Hi wilf
    have a look at nomad I have 3 in diff styles and use them daily
    not the cheapest but in my eyes one of the best
    regards andy

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    I didnt like my Rivers West Smock

    For what you describe i think that the Pro Hunter would take some beating but ive also got a barbour linhope lightweight that is a pretty good jacket

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    Used a seeland keeper jacket and trousers for a few years now and like them .

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    I just ordered some of this which i will collect when i arrive in Montana.
    Looks like it will fit the bill whilst over the pond, goretex, it just can't be beaten in my opinion.
    Deer stalking and fly fishing opportunities in Devon

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    Forester Coat from Country Covers gets my vote.................waterproof, windproof, breathable and made from Ripstop material.

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    I have and really like the deerhunter ram jacket does all you are asking and more, brilliant jacket
    but to be honest I find I use the mil surplus stuff the most cheap as chips and works great !!

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