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Thread: medal goat?

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    medal goat?

    Can anyone give me the rough measurements required for a goat trophy to get into medal class?

    A mate of mime has just taken a very nice billy and we were wondering how it would measure up? Onl measurement so far is 32 1/2 inches tip to tip.



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    Measurements are taken in cm not inches but your 32.5 inches is about 82.5 cm and that is an excellent start. [about one third the score of a Bronze.]
    In 2007 when I got a Silver the medal ratings were Bronze 250, Silver 300 and Gold 350 points.

    Perhaps CICUK would be good enough to put up the correct formula.


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    Thanks Hubert. I've a copy of whiteheads book on goats, but he makes no mention of the scoring criteria.

    It's a very nice head. Hes not detached the horns from the skull yet to clean them out. I seem to remember you telling us the'core' slips out easier if the head is a touch 'high'!


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    CICUK said the following to me a while ago:

    As a rule of thumb, and taking these measurements from our database, you are looking at lengths of horn of 65cms+ for Bronze and 70cms+ for Silver. They also need a third quarter measurement (that is 3/4 of the way up the horn) of 10cms+. The other circumferences at first quarter and second quarter tend to be quite similar in many horns, so the length and third quarter measurements are the ones to concentrate on.

    Regarding the cores this is a thread I started and it works for me number 11 post and does make sure it doesn't stink the house out!!:!/page2

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    You need to download the criteria from CIC Wildlife: Latest News.
    Its a combination of length, mass and symmetry.
    The ratings remain the same at 250,300 and 350.
    No golds were recorded last year, but I know at least three have been recorded this year, two of which broke the previous UK records.

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    To get the horns off I slow cook mine for three or four days. It works on all goat species I've tried it on so far.... If the water is simmering then you don't burn the horns

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    You must have a damn big slow cooker!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sws View Post
    To get the horns off I slow cook mine for three or four days. It works on all goat species I've tried it on so far.... If the water is simmering then you don't burn the horns

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    has anyone got pictures?

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    I boil and clean head as normal then put it in some large bags or bin liners seal it up and leave for a week or so to sweat
    i also have some smaller non trophy heads that have just been left outside and eventually the horn outer just slides off
    i also have a big one shoulder mounted and it still stinks !!!!!!
    regards andy

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    When I eventually slide the horns off the cores I place them in a vertical position and fill them with boiling water and much strong bleach.
    After a couple of weeks they can be emptied and drained out.
    The cores can be painted with the same mixture to remove residual crud.
    When dry paste glue or filler on the cores and slide the horns back on.
    I have a few pairs hung up here and they do not pong.


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