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Thread: New boots, what to buy?

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    New boots, what to buy?

    Gentlemen, I am looking to get some new boots for stalking and general use, I have had quite a few pairs in the past, some good, some not so good. I have a budget of about 250.00 so what would you recommend?

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    i baught these over a year a go as punt i needed some boots to get me by as money was abit tight well they are fantastic comfy from the off and totally waterproof even in the scottish stalking i do they have been totally submersed and have never leaked and i use them around three times a week if not more . I can only vouch for this pair as i dont know anyone else with these but i have been very satisfied i have only just put some waterproofing on these not because they have started leaking but i thaught i aught to look after them ,atb wayne

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    Oddly enough mere side I have a pair of these and yes they're mega comfortable, I've had them for about 3 years and even though I look after them they now let water in far to easily, I did think about getting another pair of them due to the comfort but I'm wondering if spending that bit more might be worth it as I do wear them a lot.

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    ah thats interesting to know ,mine have been fine up to now but i didnt know anyone else with a pair to gauge life span thanks for that and i hope you find some boots ,atb wayne
    Discretion assured - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857
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    I have a pair of Meindel Burma Pro's and would heartily recommend them, in fact I know a couple of guys who have indepentently bought the same. Comfortable, durable and waterproof.
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    I bought some Herman survivors off mini wizard on this forum . They are great and well within your budget . A bit heavy but I've never really been much of a boot weigher !

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    The Meindl Dovre's are very good!
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    I'll not buy another pair of Meindl, my Dovre extremes got knackered on a few outings in NZ, my mate had the same issue. Since they changed design they have gone down hill, this is my third pair and last of Meindl! I also bought some Lundhags, now I would recommend these but they can be an awkward fit and they can leak, they then need scilicon wax put into them. They do a bespoke boot making service as well.

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    Irish setter's awsome boots. Ive had mine for years super comfy and still waterproof.

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    ive had 2 pairs of hanwag boots, the trapper gtx and the alaska and wouldnt have anything else. same goretex lining as meindl so just as comfortable but a better quality leather. every pair of meindls ive had have split or burst at the stitching. hanwags have a good rubber rand and vibram sole also. had a pair of lowa's which were similar to the hanwags but didnt last aslong, i got 2 and a half years from a pair of hanwags wearing almost every day as a gamekeeper so they see a lot of use. also had two pairs of trezeta's which were good but the tread pattern on the soles were rubbish. hope this helps!

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