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Thread: Swamp People on Discovery Channel.

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    Swamp People on Discovery Channel.

    Am I the only person who would actually pay for a week alligator fishing with Troy and his kin? I would more happily spend time with the swamp people than I would visiting the Med' or skiing.

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    Howly Mowly NO. He's one of my idols.
    I'd definatley pay for a week of that. Thank god I'm not alone in this world.

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    Duck dynasty is on history channel, far better

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    Swap people, Swamp brothers, American Guns and Sons of guns all make me want to go to america!!!! cant say ive seen Duck dynasty

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    Gotta say I agree with yellow belly on American Guns! Great program

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro_guitar View Post
    Duck dynasty is on history channel, far better

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    I find swamp people a bit repetitive, every alligator looks the same and there's only 3 lines of dialect...

    "ooh he's a big one"

    "we gotta tree shaker"

    and "shoot im, shoot im"

    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    catching frogs is the most fun a human being can have on this planet.
    si , duck dynasty

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    Yup, I watch 'em all. I don't think I'm quite up for a lengthy stay with the D.D clan, but I'm really into the family and social values these guys exhibit on a daily basis. I doubt anyone goes hungry or dies alone in those communities.

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