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    High seats

    Thinking of getting a high seat. What is the best type? Portable vs fixed. Has anyone any experience of the panther high seats that bushwear are selling?

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    fIXED ARE BETER BUT THE PORTABLE HAVE THERE USES I HAVE A FEW OF EACH. FOR ME IF YOU WANT REALLY PORTABLE USE THE HURCULES SEELAND BUT I DO LIKE THE LOOK OF SCOT COUNTRY,S. PM Merseyside off here he makes good seats i am told and makes them to your own speck if you want.

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    I have seen all sorts of high seats and prefer the modular ones rather than big one piece ones. I have found the lightweight, "portable" high seats to be rather flimsy, but I am a big bloke.

    Also if you are going to put a highseat up the day before you shoot, why not put up one that is strong and will last a lifetime.

    My favourites are the ones made by Paul Davies (PD Highseats) and I have looked at a lot. They will break down so I could carry them in and on my old Suzuki Jimny (and in my newer Grand Vitara) and they are strong enough to take my 20 stone. Fully galvanised and very well made they will last you a long long time. They are also very good value.


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    pics of mine let me know im sure my prices are competative as well as qaulity all split down into manageable sections for easy transportation, adjustable rail built to last ,atb wayne ps 3mtr ladder as standard but i will tailor seats to suit
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    I've a panther pal and it's ok. The only criticism I would give it would be the rail can be a little bouncy compared to a fixed high seat. How ever the big plus side is nobody knows you are working the area and also as you remove it when not in use you don't have to worry about anyone climbing it without permission and falling out then suing you because of the ridicules law's we suffer from in our country
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    Got mine from Scott Country on Saturday, practised putting it up on the lounge floor (took it down quickly when SWMBO came in) and took it to the wood yesterday, quite impressed with it. Managed to get most of the stickers off first
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    nice looking high seat, most of the ones I've sat in, the ladder rungs are the wrong spacing near the seat for a comfortable sitting position. Either your kness are too high or the circulation to your legs is cut off because the rung is too low.

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    thanks jimbo i have spent a long time working everything out and trailing with guys off here to come up with the right seats to suite everyone and if its a one off someone needs i can do that as well . my next step will be to make the shooting rail flat pack for fitting inside a car ,they fit now but if you need more than one it becomes difficult so i will do it on the same line as the ladder to seat with a pin ,atb wayne
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